October 5, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Pat Durmon







Claims and denial

of sexual assault.

Something mushrooms

before our eyes, something

beyond the “me too movement,”

beyond rules, blindness,

hardened hearts.


Run, Forrest, run…



rotten to the core, watches

senators, accuser and accused,

rooks, pawns, knights

play a big game.


Run, Forrest, run…


Who will win the Super Bowl?

We won’t know until next week.

FBI intermission. Stay tuned.

But then, a winner will emerge?


Can anyone hobble out of those ropes?

Can spectators

get beyond the invisible gates,

keeping immoral America pent?


Run, Forrest, run…


You think someone will win.

How’s that?

Oh, by one vote, one point

or they may run the clock.

Is that fair? Stinky boo bad!

Stinky boo bad.


Run, Forrest, run…


We are glued and taped

to the blue screen, watching

the muck and might.

Tongues wag.

Bent lives are exposed.

A reporter has the notion

of its being over in a week.

This is America. Anything

can happen.


Run, Forrest, run…


Survivor. I saw the show once on TV.

No one, responsible.

No one, impeccable.

More quicksand, another Adam,

another Eve, always a serpent

in the garden. I hear you.

I need to pray more,

leaving no prayer unsent.

Maybe so, but for now, I’m yelling,


Run, Forrest, run!






Pat Durmon

Professionally, for the past 12 years, I have been a Free Verse Poet. It is my pleasure to be a spokeswoman for poetry, for caregiving, for stress management, for taking care of self, no matter where you live. Currently, I facilitate two groups: Searching for Light Group (families of dementia and Alzheimer’s patients) and Sisters’ Journey Group (women presently studying The Pursuit of God by A. W. Tozer).

My poetry has been collected in a chapbook and full length volumes. My poems have appeared in several literary journals and on-line journals. Currently, I am editing poems for my next book, Common Miracles.

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  1. Mary Chambers October 07, at 18:20

    I am so excited about your new book! A winnner as always!


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