October 12, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Alex Brown







encouragingly they sing

words should not bruise

as if we aren’t emotionally draped

thin skin hangs


wrong to inflict lacerations

but only instructed empathy

towards carbon copies


rock against rock

embers ignite

how eager some are

to suckle on detest’s teats


fires are ingested

the pasteurized masses

unwavering in bigotry

intolerance      a national anthem

compassion    a glass of milk






Alex Brown

I was born right outside of Atlanta, Ga. Spent my youth coming up with any excuse to visit the city, fascinated by the many different ways people lived their lives. It was on the streets of Midtown that I found myself among the queer community. As a gay man in his thirties I use poetry as a way to deal with inner thoughts and turmoils. Currently sober after many years actively using opiods, When I’m not writing or working my recovery, I’m sipping on a coffee trying not to let the many Netflix options overwhelm me.

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  1. Sam Snead October 13, at 03:02

    Very impressive skill you have there Alex! Thanks for sharing and you know I have always hoped for all good things for you. Love from our family to yours.


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