October 17, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Betsy Mars




Flight Privilege



He double dutched it over the ropes

and came out swinging,

singing Get me to that tour on time.

Heineken and Amstel calling his name,

he mangled the door lock

and sprinted for the airfield,

waving for O’Ryan e’er he went

to stop the plane from leaving

without him. Weaving and ducking

like a champ or a chump,

he was tackled on the tarmac

and dragged back screaming,

Depraved and craving his brewskis,

kicking at securities,

he persisted in his prickliness,

his place in the celestial sphere

assured, he showed them,

as he pulled down his pants and exposed

the hairless mounds of his pale moons.




Inspired by ‘Man Arrested After Chasing Missed Flight Down Tarmac’






Betsy Mars

Betsy Mars is a Connecticut-born, mostly California-raised poet and educator. Her parents gave her an early appreciation for language and social justice, which her childhood years in Brazil reinforced. She has a bachelor’s and master’s degree from USC which she puts to no obvious use. A mother, avid traveler, and animal lover, her work has recently appeared in The Rise Up Review, Writing in A Woman’s Voice, and The Ekphrastic Review, as well as in a number of anthologies and the California Quarterly.

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  1. Donna October 18, at 12:58

    I love that one. Very funny.


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