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Ashish Kumar Pathak




We fell in love



We turned the pages on

decades of public acrimony,

the regularly traded threats and insults,

but then we met at neutral land,

and thereafter I found

I was really tough

and so was he,

and we would go

back and forth

and then

we fell so deep

in love

I mean

we fell in love

Okay? No, really

he wrote me

beautiful letters

and they are

great letters I find,

commentators would cast me

as so unpresidential,

for describing him

in such glowing terms

but they never know

we fell so deep

we felt so deep

we fell in love

you want to help

don’t help because

we fell in love!






Our life



Sometimes our life comes

Sometimes throws us away,

Puts us against the wall,

gives us a slap to wake,

Sometimes puts us on edge

to fight or admire,

Sometimes we pass our time

of utter madness

sometimes we fight our moments

of utter sadness,

Sometimes we think everything

Will pass,

Sometimes we try everything

to pass.

Sometimes we love our

Silly life

Sometimes we end up hating

our wily life,

Sometimes we hate to

Love life

Sometimes we love to

hate life

Don’t we?






The language of Oneness



God has spoken to us

in the same language,

we have interpreted it

in different ways

and constructed

different reasons and religions,

Isn’t it better that

we dissolve our prejudices

fundamentalism and cultism

to hear this language

of universal Oneness

and move closer

to the divine

that essentially define

the feeling of

limitless affection

and opportunities

for whole of the humanity

without any animosity,

thus O men and women

of this world

choose humanity

anytime any day

over religion

and choose society

over any other interpreted

or even meaningful reasons






Ashish Kumar Pathak

Ashish Kumar Pathak is a middle school teacher posted in the Munger district of Bihar province (India). He has a letter of appreciation from the President of India for his poem. Recently his works of poetry have been featured in many national and international anthologies.

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