October 24, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Laura Atanacio Edington




Uber Notes



Jose apologizes. His GPS is in Spanish. He offers to change it. He was yelled at yesterday. “Turn that damn thing to English. You’re in America now.” Personally, I prefer to arrive at my correct destination. But to each his own. Land of the free and all that.


Aleksandar is from Serbia. He’s a real estate agent. Boston is expensive. Uber gives him extra cash, and according to some, funds to plan his next terrorist attack.


Mateo is from Venezuela. He sends money home. Four brothers, a mother, countless cousins.

A passport there costs $1000, and America doesn’t want them. They subsist on $2 a month as their leaders are making Venezuela great again.


“Bring us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses. . .” one Uber driver at a time.





Laura Atanacio Edington

Laura Atanacio Edington is a retired educator who loves to write, read, travel, and binge watch various television shows. She has been published in the second edition of F(r)iction, Northeastern A&M’s Portmanteau I and II, and the Oklahoma Writer’s Federation’s Report. Her fiction and poetry have been recognized in various contests with F(r)iction and OWFI. She is an active member of OWFI and SCBWI and has been fortunate enough to workshop with such poets as Tony Hoagland, Taylor Mali, Nathan Brown, Ilya Kaminsky, Bob Franke, and David Biespiel. Laura, her husband Jerry, and their dog Sophie live in Miami, Oklahoma when they’re not out roaming the world.

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