October 26, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Norberto Franco Cisneros




The Con Comes To America



You know the man who came to town

is nothing but a fake blown clown

but he is here you got him now

what will you do with this big cow?


Soon you’ll know his lies are real

as you find out his life’s surreal

because the truth is it’s a lie

so get the truth before you die


The truth is there if you just look

it ain’t hard open a book

to see what future there will be

for all of you in reverie


I pray with all of us who know

that he is one big fearful foe

So those who think that he’s a healer

all we see’s a heartless killer


Please learn to listen with your mind

And don’t be swayed by all his slime

question why he lies so much

it could be that as a human he’s not much


Why does this scoundrel want to deny

All those who want a piece of the pie

He has an urge to denigrate the poor

Making himself a contentious boor


It could be he has a plan

to make America white again

and take away the darkest night

for white Americans in fright






The Threats Within



Native Americans believed the Europeans were nice

and we know what happened to the Native Americans

History teaches many lessons

If we don’t fall for the lies of skilled con men


Be careful what you believe

in the late 1930’s many Jews believed in Hitler

he promised to fix the problems of the Fatherland

but history tells us of the destruction he wreaked upon the world


The cost of blind obedience demands a heavy price

All we have to do is remember the horrors of past wars

so don’t get complacent and don’t think it can’t happen here

even though it’s the good ole USA


Yes, our home, your home

War is ugly and costly

even our own families could die

When a nation is led by a megalomaniac and his sycophants


But I fear the man in the orange hair is getting a strong toehold

And if he does

God save America for no one else can

Our country is already a shadow of its former self


The orange haired man is imbuing fear in all of us now

Imagine what he will do if he gains complete power

with the support of fake news like Fox and Breitbart who espouse white supremacy

Then bigotry and chauvinism will run amok


His ego will not allow him to accept he is merely the president not the King

He is the president of all of us not just the white ones that support him

And if we’re fooled

We deserve the future he portents


From outside our borders threats are evident

But the most dangerous are the ones enacted by those within

With surreptitious and ulterior motives burnished with lies

Seeking a course that’s detrimental to the spirit of the American people






Norberto Franco Cisneros

My poems have been published in the following publications: Indiana University Journal Chiricu; Avocet Review (Avocet Press); Snow Jewel (Grey Sparrow Press); Ilumen (Mouthfeel Press/ Sam’s Dot Publishing) and several others, including e-zines, Black Petals, Ruhatish and have been a Featured Poet in Poetry Soup

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