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Melissa Silva




That Week



Will those who follow us know

that in the week when

children were kept in cages,

that in the week when we

wondered if any

of the separated sons

and daughters would

be with their parents again,

that in the week when

the government put

babies and toddlers in

the Casa El Presidente

Tender Age Shelter –

will they know we also

listened to poetry?

And heard a soprano sing,

“Where are we going?”

“Where are we going?”






The Holy Ghost Was in That Water



The river crowned –

the levees

the homes

the bodies


The Holy Ghost was in that water


The water drowned –

a person

a place

the ninth ward


The people pleaded –

“Help us, Help us”

went to burials

died some more


The churchgoers –

sang gospels

stomped their feet

talked of Simon on the rooftops


A black woman –

walked into church

dressed in her best

wearing a grand gold hat on her crown


The Holy Ghost was in that water







Melissa Silva

Melissa Silva is a Poet and a Nurse. She has studied Fiction Writing, and Storytelling and Performance. She was a member of the performing collective Storytellers in Concert. Her poems have appeared in BonsaiOddball Magazine, and Stone’s Throw. She does promotion for Cervená Barva Press, Somerville, MA. She lives in Arlington, MA.

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