Ethiopia: Sailing out of murky waters

November 5, 2018 Africa , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS

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Alem Hailu G/Kristos



Having been rocked by artificial unrest for some time, Ethiopia is now experiencing a turnaround proving its resilience through work done to cement social fabrics and uphold unity.


The saying goes “United we stand divided we fall.” Cognizant that translating this wisdom-packed remark is obligatory, Ethiopians are exhibiting a cohesive bond as their forefathers made a point in tackling challenges.


The clicking of Ethiopians was suffering a setback over the past few years. This fracture on the country’s social fabric had a domino effect on Ethiopians in the diaspora. That is why the country underwent social, economic, political and diplomatic reforms.


The chemistry being brewed anew here is rippling the world over, drawing attention in the global arena. In order to attend the forum Ethiopians in the diaspora staged at Frankfurt Dr Abiy Ahmed headed to the Commerzbank Arena, while he was attending the G20 investment forum.


The forum was organized with the theme “Let us unite and build the future of Ethiopia. It is the responsibility of all to strive and do more to build a democratic nation.” Addressing congregants in their thousands, he made a historic speech.


“As an exclusive property Ethiopia is not a dough that everyone, everytime, molds as s/he wishes. This great country, which sailed the tide of time, is established by great people. Though it might have hibernated, Ethiopia has not breathed its last. Bickering over a history behind our back does not work. We could not build tomorrow that way. We all belong to a family. Outgrowing emotion-charged feelings, it is high time we roll up our sleeves to root out poverty. I hope that migration from here to Europe could experience a reversal.”


When Dr Abiy so remarked he was accorded a standing ovation by elated Ethiopians. The Deputy Mayor of Frankfurt, who listened to this speech, noted that “Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed has flickered a ray of hope to Ethiopians. We too have become happy witnessing the delight of Ethiopians in this city and country. Africa is beset by numerous challenges. But he has become a source of hope. When he was talking about unity and togetherness down the road the hearts of congregants were brimming over with ecstatic feelings.”


This remark from a foreigner and a high-ranking diplomat confirms the fact that the political reform and diplomatic works Ethiopia conducted here and abroad could be taken as successful.


Dr.Abiy also noted that “Europeans chose peace for they saw first-hand the ugliness of destruction and preferred unity learning from the downside of disintegration. No doubt Ethiopians must take a lesson from this.”


His speech was also pervaded by the following quotable quotes:


“Putting peace and freedom in their backpacks, if Ethiopians work with conviction and undivided attention, there will be no force that detracts them from realizing their dreams. But Ethiopians have to circumvent the booby traps towards which evildoers are ever active to drag the country into. Unless Ethiopians embrace peace, shun narrow nationalism, stride with patience and sagacity they will lapse into political doldrums.”


In his stay in France the premier had deliberated with president Emmanuel Macron and Chancellor Angela Merkel on various issues. They also signed agreements that allow them to work in collaboration.


Participating in the G20 investment forum that focused on Africa, he also expressed Ethiopia’s readiness to attract more investment opportunities.


Following the discussion he held with World Bank officials he collected 1.2 billion USD additional budgetary support. In addition, the government of the Federal Republic of Germany pledged 100 million euro support.


All these diplomatic victories crystallized as citizens, made to harbor aversion for one another for close to three decades, came aboard the change aimed at throwing the nation’s full weight behind socioeconomic deliverance and extricating it from the quagmire of poverty.


To allow the country’s diplomacy surge on the avenue of success, to let the country’s economic pick-up see the light of day, citizens have to water their unity and love.


The fact that the government is translating its pledge of supporting the diaspora—facilitating loan packages to curb their housing problem— is sign enough Ethiopians, scattered all over the world, could breathe life into the country’s developmental push.





Alem Hailu G/Kristos

A published poet, novelist, editor, translator of masterpieces, literary critic, playwright and journalist from Ethiopia. M.A holder in literature, Addis Ababa University.

Looking for a traditional publisher of a collection of poems. My novel: ‘Hope from the debris of hopelessness’.

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