November 6, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Kate McLaughlin




the gardener



it would seem i am guilty of stereotyping gardeners.

in my mind i picture someone who is nurturing and attentive,

obsessed with weather reports and constantly has a

thin line of dirt under their fingernails with a stack of

gardening journals in their bedroom.

that doesn’t quite fit here.


there are scientifically based studies showing music promotes

plant growth. but genre matters. plants prefer classical music as it

tends to have the high frequency sounds that travel easily through

their cellular protoplasm.


following twitter and fox news i suppose would be akin to studying the weather

and soil, allowing him to know, or perhaps to feel, the direction of the wind,

when to expect the next rainfall and how to better grasp the tilth.

like a master performer he knows his audience

and times his foliar feedings perfectly.

there is a musicality, a rhythm to it all with the repetitive chants-

fake news, lock her up, build the wall!

fake news, lock her up, build the wall!

the applause providing a steady staccato beat.

apparently with just enough wagnerian undertones to do the trick.





Kate McLaughlin

Kate McLaughlin lives in Portland, Maine with her rescue dog Greta. In her spare time she reads, gardens and regularly contacts her elected representatives. She can often be found at a good political rally. 

She credits her dog, books and the dedicated activists of Maine with keeping her hopeful. 

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