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I.B. Rad




Essay on an Irresistible Force meeting an Immovable Objection



In an uncertain world

one thing is certain,

some fearing violence

or hopeless privation

won’t suffer silently

or conveniently die in place

while in migration’s target states,

some objecting to resettlement costs

or unwanted changes

to culture or community

won’t just roll over and play dead.

And though nations

may adjust controlling factors

to alter migration’s scale and composition,

along with opponents’ strength and number,

one thing is certain,

as humans have done

throughout history,

given sufficient incentive,

some aspiring to migrate

will keep on trying

while some impacted inhabitants

will continue resisting

and demonization

or use of moral terms

like “rights” or “wrongs,”

as opposed to “legal” or “illegal,”

is no more applicable

to either party

than to Newton’s apple falling

regardless of who’s underneath.






Disquisition on Sexual Proclivities of Gods



Most everyone knows

God fathered baby Jesus

but with so many ancient fables

depicting Gods

routinely defiling virgins,

was Mary’s role consensual?

And rather than argue the size

of his holy embellishment

let’s allow

Gods being Gods,

He might induce pregnancy from afar,

but wouldn’t He still need Mary’s approval?

Besides, by our prevalent standards,

given their power disparity

could Mary have “freely” agreed

– Could a pious maid turn down God?!

Likewise, even if she could,

was immaculate Mary

at today’s age of consent?

So, by reflecting on Holy Writ,

we might infer His guilt

and accordingly, if God revisits earth,

He could be booked

as with any likely sex offender,

which would be a kind of homecoming

as a multitude of His priestly flock

so religiously emulate their Almighty’s lead.






She’s hot



She’s hot

but cool

or sexy

she’s definitely not.

Like a mom

whose mischievous child’s

got under her skin,

she’s increasingly tempestuous,

her temperature’s climbing,

her hair’s on fire;

and yet, like

some unruly child

fooling with matches,

we keep on burning

fossil fuel

then scurry about

countering droughts

and dousing flames out,

as though we just didn’t know

our best bet’s

not fouling our nest

– at least till we’re set

to blast off

and infest

the universe.






I.B. Rad

I.B. Rad lives and plays in New York City. This somewhat controversial poet is widely published with much of his work available on the internet. His most recent book, “Dancing at the Abyss” was published by Scars Publications.”

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