November 13, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Sheshu Babu




Burning fire



Years have passed

And the world is searching for elusive peace


Many milestones have crossed

Hope is hanging from a precipice…


The nostalgia of past aroused

Selfless sacrifice of soldiers


Their struggles dissolved

In rulers expansionist burning fires


And yet, wars continue unabated

Killing thousands of innocent lives


Women and children lay battered and bruised

While rulers applaud strategies, wins and conquests…









This was expected…

With the penchant of human track record

In destroying climate in the area

Leading to wildfires of California


Lives displaced, livelihood disrupted

Huge amount of money wasted

Helpless people had no idea

Of the extent of fires in California…


Politicians blaming each other

Speculations on the causes gather

Giving ample news mainstream media

About the wildfires of California


Unless ecology is restored

And pollution controlled

Flora and fauna nourished with cornucopia

They will recur – the fires of California.






Sheshu Babu

The writer from anywhere and everywhere is interested in the betterment of the whole world. Whenever the writer ponders on the question ‘who am I?’ He finds response from Bhupen Hazarika lyric (Bengali),’Ami ek Jajabor’ (I am a gypsy). 

Some works have appeared in Countercurrents.org, Dissidentvoice.org, Counterview.org, counterview.net, Velivada.com, etc. 

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