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Qaisar Bashir




On the Bank of Madhumati



On the bank

of Madhumati, I sat…


The life,

Seamlessly flowing in the Nalla, made me

Wonder – what if I pen my muse

On the stainless face of the liquid canvas?


I was to write a line,

As the aura around was fine,

That a chilling shriek

Fell on my ears:


A scholar,

turned rebel, has been killed….


My heart exploded into shards,

My chisel, broke and bled…

Turned the canvas red









On the sprig

Of a pomegranate tree,

I flayed over

The hills and plains

Of my home;


A crowd of souls I beheld,

Banners in their hands

Spewing anger

Against the existing regime;


Shortly then, a queen emerged

Donning a cloak, woven of lies;

She spoke softly,

Trying to appease

The fire of

The angry throng.


Ah’ the throng went wild,

Broke all rules

And pounced on her

Like hungry tigers






Qaisar Bashir

Qaisar Bashir (born, 1988), an educator, a translator, author and poet, hails from Kashmir. He has a Master’s Degree in English Literature from Kashmir University. Once Upon A Time, a translation of a Kashmiri novel Akh Dour by Bandsi Nirdoush, is his debut achievement. His poems have been published in various National and International Journals like The Criterion, Langlit, Muse India, Setumeg and atunispoetry.com.

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