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Eliza Segiet







The talks are over.


have no right to chat up the Better.


The gradated

are silent,

they listen,

go in the indicated direction.


Towards the deadly transport.


Few can deviate from this path.

Redeeming the most valuable

is not easy.

You cannot always pay for



Deprived of dignity,

they lost almost everything.


breath and a bit of hope



Maybe one needs to reconcile?

Sooner or later

everyone will be silent.









Where the trains

brought people,

there were chimneys.



the deadly smoke

dreams were passing.


The trustful,

without farewells

lost their meaning and the meaning of the word







Side of Life and Death



People on the right,

Jews on the left.

Her sister was caught into the wagon,

they wanted her too.


She fled between

the Gestapo’s widely spaced legs.

She ran home.


Dad, daddy,

they hid Krysia on the train.

Take her.


He redeemed his daughter.


It’s nothing that now

it won’t be enough for bread.




Poems Translated by Artur Komoter






Eliza Segiet

Eliza Segiet, Master’s Degree graduate in Philosophy, completed postgraduate studies in Cultural Knowledge, Philosophy, Arts and Literature at Jagiellonian University, as well as Film and Television Production in Lodz. 

Publications: Poetry Collections:”Romans z soba” (Sowello 2013), Myslne miraze” (Miniatura 2014, II Edition: Sowello 2017),”Chmurnosc” (Signo 2016), Including: Monodrama “Przeswity” (Signo 2015), Farce “Tandem” (Signo 2017). 

Author of the Month (June 2017) in The Year of the Poet 14 in the USA, Author’s poem “Questions” was the Publication of the Month (August 2017) in Spillwords Press, International Publication of the Year (2017) in Spillwords Press, Laureate of the International Special Prize “Frang Bardhi – 2017?, Author of The Month of January/February (2018) in Spilword Press. Author of The Month of January/February (2018) in Spilword Press. Author of the Month (May 2018) in the Indian Our Poetry Archive. Nominated for the Publication of the Month (May 2018) for the poem “My World” in Spillwords Press. Nomination for the Author of the Month (May 2018) in Spillwords Press. Nominated for the Publication of the Month (June 2018) for the poem “Evil Ones” in Spillwords Press. Author of the Month (July 2018) in The Year of the Poet in the USA.

Author’s works can be found in anthologies and literary magazines in Poland and abroad (Albania, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Philippines, India, Israel, Canada, Kosovo, Singapore, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, USA, United Kingdom, Zambia).

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