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Jennifer Wenn




Transgender Anthem



Since time immemorial,

revealed or hidden,

self-aware or suppressed,

we have been here.


Through pain, confusion and joy,

tearing at contrary, shrouding shells,

we have been here.


We follow paths

indescribable and incredible,

yearning to shine forth

our extraordinary iridescence,

and we are here.


We are the convention-shakers,



and we are here!


We are not an illness

or a theory

or a debating point;

We are flesh and blood,

marvellous souls and children of the cosmos,

and we are here!


We are dismissed by the ignorant,

stared at by the fear-blind,

assailed because we dare to

disturb comfortable prejudices,

but we are here!


We are scared yet courageous,

despised yet loved,

weary yet striding on,

and we are here!


We are children and parents,

siblings and spouses,

friends and lovers,

colleagues and neighbours,

poor and well-off,

and we are here!


Hatred fells some of us

but we remain unshakeable


bright, blazing beacons of

a new, rediscovered spirit,

and we absolutely,


now and forever

Will Be Here!






Jennifer Wenn

Jennifer Wenn is a trans-identified writer from London, Ontario. In addition to her day job as a Systems Analyst, she has written From Adversity to Accomplishment, a family and social history; and published poetry in Tuck Magazine, Synaeresis, Wordsfestzine and the anthology Things That Matter.   She is also the proud parent of two adult children.

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