December 7, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Ahmad Adedimeji Amobi




Boko Haram



Clearing every house with woe,

As they are commanded by the officers, although,

Every damnable worshipful house, Gboom!

And every innocent people, boom!


Innocent people killing innocent faces,

Darkened their faces thrusting in every paces,

They are really our friends,

Due to the harm they gave them to tend.


The one that knows who you are,

That comes all the way with you so far,

Knows that you have nothing in possession,

Yet tends to collect everything you have in collection.


A friend that covers his face in disguise,

So that when he mingles, you won’t be precise,

That is a friend that really knows,

And still wishes to cut your nose.


Substituting pleasant with gory,

Invading peace for terror to have glory,

Claiming to be Islamic Activists,

Rather, they are indelible extremists.


Seem to be preaching against Western education,

Claiming its negativity without giant elucidations,

And say Islam is the way with its vibranium,

Whereas it is a religion that preaches decorum.


Sent by the kingdom’s Godfathers,

Armored and shielded with their feathers,

Don’t you know they can only be shuddered,

Rather, they can never be exterminated.


Boko Haram were once like you,

They know you, they are with you,

You never can ever tell,

Whether a member is your cell.


That’s what you don’t know,

Boko Haram know what we know,

They know we are hungry,

And that hunger makes them angry.


Boko Haram militants are our friends,

They know we are harmless, yet they fend,

And try to ‘eat’ what we didn’t ‘cook’

And make us cry and make us crook.


You might not be convinced,

That this year a new Boko Haram has been conceived,

That brother that graduated around your area with no job,

Will soon be a mouse for Boko Haram to pump.


In case you don’t know,

Nigeria is the country that sows,

The citizens that turn terrorists,

Thee Nigeria is the one that can remove what she creates.






Ahmad Adedimeji Amobi

Ahmad Adedimeji Amobi is a student of English at University of Ilorin. He is an aspiring and unrelenting writer. His works have been published on Nigerian magazines and websites.

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  1. Ahmad March 08, at 23:16

    Thank you,Howard. I read it an it was awesome.

  2. howard debs December 07, at 17:06

    Well done. My own work dealing with this terrible tragic situation "Nigeria Is Not Known For Its Scrabble But It Should Be" is included in my book Gallery: A Collection of Pictures and Words. To read the version originally published in I Am Not A Silent Poet go to: https://bit.ly/2b8bEoF


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