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I.B. Rad




Where Do We Go From Here?



Picture a fabulous soap opera

joined to “The Greatest Show on Earth,”

with makings of a Greek tragedy…

CAUTION: There are no heroes here,

no “good guys”… no “bad guys,”

that’s far too easy.

Our cast includes

a demagogic, bullying,

unpresidential president,

lying more than is typical,

partly reflecting his barker’s personality;

main media figures waging a jihad

against an obstreperous president

they consider “unfit,” “Illegitimate,” “insane”

“un-American,” “immoral,” “racist,” “_______,”

you fill in the blank;

a special prosecutor

who’s on a chartered fishing expedition,

a statutory choir master

squeezing scooped up presidential associates

who’ll sing like canaries

to avoid bankruptcy and jail, on occasion

passing the ball to another jurisdiction

for a full court press;

a jury of slobbering politicians

who, with but few exceptions,

are pursuing their dirty daily business

of satiating a core constituency

baying for blood

or placating another who’re swearing absolute fealty…

CAUTION: There are no heroes here,

least of all, not you or me;

for as with regular projective tests,

amid swirling claims and counterclaims,

whatever you perceive, ultimately

may tell more about you

than an underlying reality.






I.B. Rad

I.B. Rad lives and plays in New York City. This somewhat controversial poet is widely published with much of his work available on the internet. His most recent book, “Dancing at the Abyss” was published by Scars Publications.”

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