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Addisalem Mulat



Recently, the Ethiopian Premier Dr. Abiy Ahmed won the African Leadership Magazine Person of the Year award fair and square considering the spectrum of fructifying outcomes he has been registering here and in the Horn of Africa. The committee of the magazine made public the winners in a range of categories labeling the Ethiopian Prime Minster Dr. Abiy Ahmed as African of the Year 2018 with over 85 percent of the overall votes.


As a matter of fact, Ethiopians run short of words to express their deepest gratitude to the premier for rescuing their much-loved country from getting into uncharted waters by designing a broad-array of stunning strategies, which could take Ethiopia to the helm of success and flicker a ray of Ethiopiansim in the length and breadth of the country. Before change took shape, the future of Ethiopia was hanging in the balance as quite a lot of questions were left unanswered. The unreformed regime was shelving evil plans time and again in addition to throwing fellow citizens under the bus. It is still dancing as a slain hen, as many describe the situation.


Taking the Ethiopian Prime Minister’s Person of the Year award into account, this journalist approached different scholars on their reflections concerning the award:



Dr. Biruk Lambisso is Associate Professor and consultant Surgeon, a close friend of Dr. Abiy, and insider of the PM’s team. Most people saw Dr. Biruk on TV while weeping treating the victims injured by a hand grenade at Meskel Square in June, the outgoing year.


He said, “I know the African Leadership Magazine Person of the Year is an annual award reserved for distinguished Africans, who are proved to have stood tall the year. The review is published by African Leadership (UK) Limited, a company registered in the United Kingdom.”


Dr. Biruk went on to say, “To the best of my knowledge, the Ethiopian Premier is a well accepted, loved, humble, hard working, friendly, disciplined, efficient, tolerant and talented leader. He has been vesting hope in the general public. He has made numerous results in a few months. He is a sagacious reformer always apt to address many issues. I also observe the presence of many eyes, here and abroad, watching his good deeds. I am sure this award gives him more confidence and energy to push forward. I know him very well in person and witness that this reward is a welldeserved recognition.”


Beza Getahum is a lawyer by profession. She noted that the peace agreement which took place between Ethiopia and Eritrea was a gargantuan and remarkable step in the history of the two nations. The two were at loggerheads locked in the doldrums of no-war-and-no-peace for many years. Nobody expected the two countries would allow the dove of peace to hover high in their skies. Apart from strengthening people-to-people ties, Ethiopia and Eritrea are now benefiting from the peace deal. Moreover, the premier has allowed peace to reign on the horn of Africa within the shortest time possible.


She further noted that the Ethiopian Premier has played a major role in ushering in peace across the country in a little while. Undaunted, he had left no stone unturned to get Ethiopia back on track. Every so often, unlike most of the former officials, he works by the sweat of his brow with a view to making Ethiopia great again. Since he took office, the premier has been gracing Ethiopia. Above and beyond, he has been appointing several talented ladies in higher government posts. He is worthy of the award, without a shadow of a doubt.


“Above and beyond, the Premier has been bringing corrupts and human right violators before the court of law. The alleged criminals had been getting off the track and violating human rights over and over again. Even worse, as the tyrants were not God-fearing people, they made most Ethiopians suffer a harrowing life. The general public was under the yoke of oppression. The Premier has rescued the people of Ethiopia within the shortest time possible.


According to Colonel Fikad Gebreyesus, author of a book entitled “The art and science of leadership”, the nuts and bolts of leadership are at the tip of the Premier’s finger. Like the palm of his hand, he knows the principles of leadership, theories of leadership, leadership styles, challenges of leadership, characteristics of leaders, among others. I would say, nobody would argue that fact that he knows the inside out of leadership. That is why he has been harvesting the fruit of success time and again.


By the same token, Dr Abiy is the Premier best placed to win African Leadership Magazine Person of the Year award seeing that he has been playing a great role in all rounded reforms taking place in the country apart from creating a sense of peace and cooperation in the Horn of Africa. I feel that the award is given to Ethiopia in the person of our Premier Dr. Abiy Ahmed.





Addisalem Mulat

A published author, journalist, translator, host of a newspaper interview, contributor to magazines and teacher from Ethiopia.  M.A holder in English from Addis Ababa University.

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