January 2, 2019 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Ashish Kumar Pathak




The new face of power is taking shape



The mid results

perfectly coherent

very much in line

with the fight,

the fight over two concepts

central to American precepts

and its origin,

its progress

and its future

the promises of

and restrictions on representation

and political enfranchisement,

the results on that Tuesday

the ones that were

in the hands of voters

fell very much on the side

of expansion of franchise,

But there is still going forward

between expansion and restriction

Containment and liberation

the push and the pull

between small deep drinkers

and of masses to resist

or buck against them

but right to vote

is the most important tool

in the progressive arsenal

of people, party and polity,

and elections have come to stay

as project of will, work and we

and of course women.






Ashish Kumar Pathak

Ashish Kumar Pathak is a middle school teacher posted in the Munger district of Bihar province (India). He has a letter of appreciation from the President of India for his poem. Recently his works of poetry have been featured in many national and international anthologies.

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