January 11, 2019 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Ben White




The Check Is In El Correo



I submitted my taxes already –

I didn’t even wait

For the necessary forms

Or instructions –


But I fully expect

The IRS to accept

My return without question

Because I sent it in

With my name,

Social Security Number,

And a note to

“See Attached”

Where I wrote a letter

Explaining how Mexico

Was going to pay

This year’s taxes,

And all my taxes

From now on out –


And that is a legitimate expectation

Following the lead

Of my president –


The Truth Cowboy of Queens –


With all his promises…


I like the idea of having

A foreign country paying my share

So I don’t have to,

And I didn’t care at all

To send in my return

Without the usual accompanying payment –

I simply see that

As American ingenuity

Capitalizing on new trade agreements

While my government takes Mexico’s money

And protects me from migrants

Who might sneak across

Wanting only to steal it back.






Ben White

Author of the books, Buddha Bastinado Blues and The Kill Gene, Ben White thought he was a poet, only to find out he is not a poet at all. He is a witness. What he writes is testimony.

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