January 18, 2019 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Dotty LeMieux




Waiting for the Meteor



Tyrannosaurus Rex stomps through the land, small brain

Big teeth, tail

terrorizing all he sees, chewing up little critters that get in his way

killing small growing things beneath his massive feet

King feared yet mocked by those who escape his weak eyesight, his tiny hands,

keep one step ahead, slither between his gnarly toes, thinking –


This guy could use a pedicure

A makeover

He’s starting to become an anachronism

And his breath!


In the distance rumbling:

volcanoes he demands stop their belching smoke and lava,

seas he commands to part in his wake

He roars his displeasure when they do not


He tries in vain to dislodge

the tittering parasites clinging to his back,

his neck, constantly chewing

chewing chewing


Soaring Velociraptors just out of reach taunting

dive bombing, pecking



in the skies

there is a darkness

a thundering the King

cannot control

and everything



When the dust settles,

the fires die down,

the crater cools,

only the small survive

only the swift evolve

only those concealed in the deep

ocean waters


remain to crawl out

and begin again.






Dotty LeMieux

Dotty LeMieux has published three chapbooks: Let us not Blame Foolish Women, Tombouctou Press; The Land, Smithereens Press; and Five Angels, Five Trees Press. She published the literary journal, The Turkey Buzzard Review for several years in the late 1970’s, early 80’s. Currently, she lives in northern California with her husband and two dogs where she practices law and helps progressive candidates with their election to office.

Dotty is proud to have been a Bernie Sanders delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

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  1. Anne January 19, at 20:03

    Thanks for sharing this, Dottie. Whew. These times..

  2. Ruth January 18, at 17:57

    Thank you for the great metaphors! Wonderful poem.


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