January 24, 2019 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Ayouba Toure




Down Shall Come



From the Green Coast

brethren of the land of unison go asunder

Infants thrust their mother wombs but with violence

People of one clan served each other,

with bullets dating proud.


The green forest is chanting grievances each passing moment

For the ammo has corroded his heart

& he now lives in the hands of vulnerability.


Why have we eaten our cerebrum for breakfast

And our heart we dine for supper?


Our flag has been shattered into unseen pieces

The yellow lone star has waved us goodbye

& uncertainty sleeps at every doorstep


I pray serenity will come like a new born baby,

Just like rain

and pour its droplets on every thatch hut in our village- Cameroon.


And I hope we’ll see dawn coming from nowhere

& the yellow sun return, smiling.

At dusk, the moon shines brighter than ever

& gaiety has perpetual naps in our bosom.






Ayouba Toure

My name is Ayouba Toure, a Pan-Africanist from Liberia. I’m a practical Muslim with Mandingo being my ethnicity; I was born on February 20, 2003. I’m currently studying civil engineering at the university of Liberia. I’m an emerging poet, who writes base on the ills of the society.

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