January 24, 2019 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Sheshu Babu




Mob hysteria



(Thousands participate in Indigenous Peoples’ March  in Washington DC)



Encircling deliriously

Grinning maliciously

The mob chanting ‘make America great again’

Feels its efforts do not go in vain


Wearing red MAGA hats

Performing dirty pranks,

The mentally manipulated mob

Think they have done the job


But indigenous peoples’ March

Is a powerful lightning torch

No one can stop rising voices

Of Lakota and Chase Iron Eyes


Despite strong condemnation

And mocking with denigration

The struggle for rights continues

And protest does not cease

Till the goal of equality is achieved

And Truth and Justice is not denied






They will survive



(US aid cuts hit most vulnerable Palestinians)



Amidst constant threats and attacks

Usual peace process setbacks

Stopping of financial aid

For medicines and food

They look to revive

Their lives and somehow survive


Troubled by zionists in various ways

Aided by American rulers devoid of grace

The Palestine vulnerable masses

Will find their way in the crises






Sheshu Babu

The writer from anywhere and everywhere is interested in the betterment of the whole world. Whenever the writer ponders on the question ‘who am I?’ He finds response from Bhupen Hazarika lyric (Bengali),’Ami ek Jajabor’ (I am a gypsy). 

Some works have appeared in Countercurrents.org, Dissidentvoice.org, Counterview.org, counterview.net, Velivada.com, etc. 

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