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Eliza Segiet







Too pale for the rays,

perfect for a shot,

roamed through the canals


marked by war

Jewish children.


They prayed:




They whispered to him.

They knew

that no one else would hear

the words pleading for survival.


Mama and dada

drove off by train,

for work, they said.


When will they return, our Angel? They asked.


The answer was silence,

interrupted by shots from rifles.






The Redundant



The Hitmen

annihilated the Redundant.

An order was enough,

but not enough of conscience.


They had a ruler, power

and arms.

Around them

kind informers.


The Redundant had themselves.


Not enough

for whole families to make it through.




the darkness with dignity.









The clatter of horses’ hooves

always reminds

of the returning cabman.

He lived around the corner.

The poor wife was alone.

They killed him, the children,

in her

the will to live.


She said she wanted to leave,

but she cannot.

Someone should stay

to remember them

and not let them be forgotten.


Every morning

the scrawny nag

nickers in vain.

She is waiting for…


It is not known.


like people

for death?

Or maybe

for a miracle?




Poems translated by Artur Komoter






Eliza Segiet

Eliza Segiet, Master’s Degree graduate in Philosophy, completed postgraduate studies in Cultural Knowledge, Philosophy, Arts and Literature at Jagiellonian University, as well as Film and Television Production in Lodz. 

Publications: Poetry Collections:”Romans z soba” (Sowello 2013), Myslne miraze” (Miniatura 2014, II Edition: Sowello 2017),”Chmurnosc” (Signo 2016), Including: Monodrama “Przeswity” (Signo 2015), Farce “Tandem” (Signo 2017). 

Author of the Month (June 2017) in The Year of the Poet 14 in the USA, Author’s poem “Questions” was the Publication of the Month (August 2017) in Spillwords Press, International Publication of the Year (2017) in Spillwords Press, Laureate of the International Special Prize “Frang Bardhi – 2017?, Author of The Month of January/February (2018) in Spilword Press. Author of The Month of January/February (2018) in Spilword Press. Author of the Month (May 2018) in the Indian Our Poetry Archive. Nominated for the Publication of the Month (May 2018) for the poem “My World” in Spillwords Press. Nomination for the Author of the Month (May 2018) in Spillwords Press. Nominated for the Publication of the Month (June 2018) for the poem “Evil Ones” in Spillwords Press. Author of the Month (July 2018) in The Year of the Poet in the USA.

Author’s works can be found in anthologies and literary magazines in Poland and abroad (Albania, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Philippines, India, Israel, Canada, Kosovo, Singapore, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, USA, United Kingdom, Zambia).

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  1. Delo Isufi January 25, at 21:58

    It’s honor to have a friend as poeteshes Eliza, I read her poems I translated some verses. She is a great poetess. She has a beautiful soul, Delo Isufi, Albania


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