January 29, 2019 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Rick Davis


Mariangela Canzi







you are a monarch

and a run-away asteroid.


melania avoids limelight

as a dutiful concubine to the emperor.


you smother the defenseless

and teach the world


to revel in social media,

wear falsies and smirk.


You speak words

of deep hate.


you have buried your soul

in dark prejudice.


your forgotten are lonely

across the world.


you keep on wanting

barriers and fights.


we keep on wanting

no borders no walls.







Rick Davis

Rick Davis is a graduate of Northeastern Illinois University, and several graduate programs.  He is married, and has over 700 published poems.


Mariangela Canzi

Mariangela Canzi is Italian mother tongue, translator. Her passion is the English language. She started writing poems about two years ago. It was a joke, it is now a challenge and a pleasure.

She tries to express her feelings and thoughts about life and the world.

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