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Uiba Mangang




Other Side of the Moon





Princes and princesses part from parents

In the best and bright comfortable cabs

Fairily, for their dearly rare fair mere farms

In their nicest neatest unique uniforms

Loaded with lusty testiest tiffins

On their shortest smooth and soft surfaces

To be taught in an artful atmosphere of airs.





Little lads and lasses leave long their lords

On their, from daily duty, messy limbs

Lively gaily, drifting for singly schools

In their stitched stripes, shabby soiled shorts and shirts

Beaten with famines, fasts and eagerness

On their rough marshy, stony, ziggy zones

To learn in an ambiences of unlocked airs.





Are we watching over what,

Or else longing for whom?!

After all they are stars of the future;

Let’s think of the other side of the moon too.






A Tour in a Cab



Some mighty men are making a tour in a cab,

Lotuses bloom on their forehead to dab;

One here one there they are smiting their way

Each head of each village they reached to pay

Crushing and running over any block they meet

They beg the natives to allot space as they tweet.


Giving shelter, living together, showing compassion;

What a humanity it’s indeed: a noble passion!

Killing former, saving stranger, showing sacrifice;

What an empathy it is: none can make it a price!


“Whoever the person and whatever the place

That are against such a noble plan must be slices.’’

It’s the theme of the trip on the cab for the minority,

In the interest of the people for the majority!


Thousands of souls are hovering with hunger,

Thousands of shabby shacks are fluttering in danger,

Thousands of homeless bones are hanging around anywhere,

And they are showing their charity on cab everywhere!






Uiba Mangang

I was born on the 9th September, 1973 (biological) in Charangpat Village of Thoubal District in Manipur. I’ve got teaching experience of more than 19 years in High and Higher Secondary Schools in and outside our state. I have written more than 100 (hundred poems) in Meeteilon/Meiteilon (Manipuri language, more than sixty-seventy poems in English, a few short stories and short plays (one had been played) and more than 200 (two hundred songs) which have all not yet been publicised in any form. I used to be a theatre artist and dramatist under EMMA Theatre, Manipur. Writing is my passion particularly poetry writing. Now I am living by hand to mouth in the struggle of life.

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