February 5, 2019 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Shyamal Mukhopadhay




Ballad Of The Homeless



Unreckoned multitude uprooted

from their soil

for an asylum seeking safe shelter

devastated in turmoil.

crossed swamp, sand dune, sometimes

deep wild jungle

negotiated rugged terrain at stretch

that they trumble:

elliptical destiny unknown destination

fear of externment all where,

ravaged humanity in quest of a small earth

to settle at any corner:

Tagged refugee evacuated at border

with brutal force

without food no water-an awful

human concourse.

Amidst threat of persecution looming

survival fear

fascist lunacy masquerading genocide


imperiled populace like nomads forced

to flee in despair

migrating to hostile land to save

from slaughter.

why should one desert one’s

place of origin?

history has no answer – what’s

their sin

detached kids disowned parents

searching aimlessly

sick and old tearfully wishing

if someone care hopefully;

Right to life transgressed several times

written in history

from Volga to ganga the human sojourn

to find new territory.






Shyamal Mukhopadhay

A professional in the domain of economics and banking who intruded into the space of creative writing. A blogger and contributor to several anthologies and magazines, residing in Nagpur, India.

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  1. Jyotirmay Mandal February 05, at 18:19

    Blooded island Marichjhapi is now deserted . Sir, like your poetry several thousands people, who left Dandakaranya for Marichjhnapi , deep inside Sunderbans, to live in huts made by themselves raising fences of bamboo with roofs of grass in an , illegal , displayed colony , are no longer there. The great communist chief minister of Bengal Jyoti Basu comments...Ashes of the burnt refugee colony of Marichjhnapi will get completely washed off by the next rain. Thankingng...for your utterance...


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