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JD DeHart




A Slightly Different Form



First, he appeared

as a beggar asking for candy

on the street.  Bumming

for a drug no one had.


We are all searchers.


Then, he became a strong

force, an arm.  The right hand

of justice, dispelling those tattered

robes.  A figure out of hiding.


Let’s turn over the world.


Finally, a pedagogue, wise from his

weary journey.  Tired of late night

deals, clutching his weapons.  Tired

of his power he found a new one.


Teach a lesson, strike a chord.






When I Came to This Place



I was a scared kid

who did not see himself.

High school dropout, scrawny,

urging toward the end of



I was going to be a pastor

and save the world with fiery

sermons, even though I’m more

even-toned than all that.


I was going to do something,

but who knew what?


People have died,

offices have changed, buildings have

been erected.  I started using words

like erected.


I have made myself known

in a place and, while some people

still take a glance now and then,

others have their well-rounded opinions.


They share it in brisk hellos

and unanswered emails, in doors that

are closed.


But sometimes a closed door is all

the answer we need to finding the next

stage in what we are.







JD DeHart

JD DeHart is a writer and teacher. His chapbook, The Truth About Snails, is available from RedDashboard.

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