Pulwama attack and the shifting of blame

February 20, 2019 Asia , India , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , Pakistan

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Nasir Soomro



Those of us who consider themselves global citizens grieve on the suffering of human loss, be it anywhere in the world. Shifting all the blame on Pakistan for the ghastly attack on Indian forces in Indian-administered at Pulwama in Kashmir without any substantial evidence sends the wrong signal to the general public across the border.


What is left from the equation is the blurring out of those elements who are engaged in creating unrest in the region. However, India has falsely accused Pakistan of backing militant separatists in Indian-administered Kashmir, which has led to rising tensions between the two countries, both having fought wars in the past and both nuclear powers, yet paradoxically with grinding poverty.


India may not be pointing to the figures inside as the attack may be due to the upcoming elections to gain sympathy votes for the ruling BJP which Khushwant Singh described as a fundo party.


All the sane people of Pakistan want peace to prevail, wars have brought destruction, not prosperity.





Nasir Soomro

Nasir Soomro is from Pakistan, he is working with the Energy Department, at the Government of Sindh, Pakistan. He is author of the book, ‘Peaks and Perils of Life’ (English Poetry) and is currently working on his semi-autobiographical novel in English.

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  1. Anouba Mangal February 21, at 09:00

    The poem goes straight and simple without art of poesy, I think. Expression is good. Hoping more and expect positive.


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