February 21, 2019 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Okeke Precious Ozioma




Because I Am A Girl



My father’s voice

Was the danger signal

Reminding me of how female I am


Singing it like a song

He always remind mother

Of how worthless she is

For giving him not a child


Maybe father was right

When he called me a talking fly


So I grew up with this mentality

That I am not child enough

I am not what the world needs

Cos father said so


I grew up hating the girl in me

Avoiding eye contact with my shadow

I try escaping from my reflection

I curse my shadow in my dialect

Scold my feminine body in English


Covering myself with the hood

Scared of facing womanhood

I ask myself weird questions

Dear me,

Why must you be born a girl?


I feed on self hatred and depression

Making myself  a cage

I locked myself in myself


Staying too long in this cage

The desire to be free crackled to life again


So I walked into the world to say

Dear world,

It’s hard to be in you and not be loved


Maybe I should tell father

That I am he wrapped in a different body

That I am the beautiful letter he marked as spam


Maybe I should tell the world that

I deserve a portion of its love






Okeke Precious Ozioma

Okeke Precious Ozioma is from Anambra State, Nigeria, and is a 200level Student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.

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  1. Nnenna February 22, at 10:58

    Beautiful piece for the girlchild

  2. Precious February 22, at 10:55

    We deserve a portion of the world's love!


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