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February 22, 2019 Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , POLITICS , United States

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Mitch McConnell says he will support President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency. Trump says “we will have a national emergency” because Congress has passed a bill that may reinforce border security but does not provide funding for a wall. In declaring a national emergency to do what Congress has refused to do, Trump has undermined our democracy. Instead he is fulfilling the wishes of a minority of Americans by circumventing the bill passed by Congress.


The fact that Trump is abusing the office of the Presidency in order to do what he wants is not a surprise; he has been doing that since he was sworn in. It points once again to the notion that our checks and balances simply do not work when an authoritarian occupies the office. If the Republican members of the Senate cared more about their country and doing what is right, they would refuse to support the President.


There are two issues with Trump’s declaring a national emergency. One, he is declaring an emergency when there is no emergency in order to do what he wants to do. Two, Congress has just done something they have not often been able to do in recent history, they passed a bill on which they compromised and in doing so, were able to do exactly what they were elected to do—represent the will of the people. That Trump is declaring a national emergency to in effect override both houses of Congress and the will of the American people makes this situation particularly troublesome. It is yet another reason that he should not be President and it points to the fact that the Executive branch has too much power.


Trump followers, who are famous for not trusting in government, see that they were right after all. We don’t need no Congress. When it comes to dealing with the problem of immigration, only he can fix it. Trump, in bypassing Congress, fulfills his own premise and proves to his delusional supporters that they can only trust him. In identifying with Trump, the conflict for his followers, is between the Trump tribe and everyone else, and that means all institutions: Congress, the FBI, the CIA, the generals, the governors, the courts and the liberal news media.


It should be obvious by now that whatever Mueller comes up with will have absolutely no effect on those 66 million Americans who support Trump. They will place no credence in Mueller’s findings. Why would they? Mueller is part of the deep state who are out to get Trump. They might even be happy if Trump were to declare Marshall Law. Couldn’t we use a little law and order to clean up the streets? Get rid of all those illegals? Fill those jail cells and our new camps?


It should also be clear by now that Trump, like a prototypical wayward child will continue to push the limits. He will go as far as we allow him to. If we don’t push back, he will take more and more authoritarian steps. Conservatives like to point to Venezuela as an example of the perils of socialism, but there is another lesson there that has to do with centralized power. We are already in the midst of a constitutional crises because the Senate refuses to provide a check or a balance on an out of control president. What can we do about it?


Governor Newsom of California and Governor Baker of Massachusetts provide an example of what has to happen if we are to survive a Trump administration without impeachment. Resigning from office as many insiders have done is not enough. Newsom and Baker have refused to send National Guard troops to the border between the United States and Mexico. Di Blasio, Walsh, Curtatone and many other mayors of sanctuary cities stand up to Trump. Sixteen states are suing Trump over his national emergency. We all have to start saying no to Trump.





Ed Meek

Ed Meek writes poetry, fiction, articles and book reviews. His most recent books are Spy Pond (poems) and Luck (short stories). You can follow him @emeek on Twitter.

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