Musings of an Eclectic Soul

February 26, 2019 Book Reviews , Poetry , POETRY / FICTION




Abeiku Arhin Tsiwah



The footprints of Poetry reminds society and its humanness of the beauty installed in the mind of its writer.


Poetry, an expression of intense emotion, has since time immemorial established its own energies in both the mortal world and that of the galleries of the spiritual, reminding mankind of their flaws and reinforcing that didactic expressions cannot simply be underestimated in revamping the ruins inflicted upon man’s inglorious desire to wrestle nature on the eventide.


Musings Of An Eclectic Soul is a Poetry masterpiece written by MC Haymaker, a Ghanaian Poet who uses a unique style cruised in originality and famished in graded cultural underpinnings to tell his story across an epical composition.


This Poetry compilation is a house of musings— foliage of reckoning— each page unfolding to metallic words that cut spectrums of what holds in assuming the state of Ghanaian(ness) and African(ness).


Using elastic imagery that inclines through poignant metaphors and simple diction, Musings Of An Eclectic Soul offers unto us such abused realities about cultures, love, ancestry, religion and egotism.


Coming under the imprints of THM Poetry and The Village Thinkers, it will be available on both digital platforms such as ReaderApp, etc, and in hardcopies for purchase.


There is so much in this capsule. So much wine to sip from an elbow well furnished with proverbial illuminations and wits.


Contact the author on how to get your copies.


Have a soothing sail reading this.










Abeiku Arhin Tsiwah

The reviewer, Abeiku Arhin Tsiwah, is a Gallery of Poetry loitering between the tangible and the intangible. His works have found baptism in multiple streams across the globe.

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