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Sheshu Babu




No Liberty



(Activist Faces Prison for Climbing Statue of Liberty and Southwest Key HQ to Protest Family Separation)



When human rights are violated

And even immigrant children not spared

What form of protest can restores dignity

Except climbing the ‘Statue of Liberty’?


Repression is at its peak

People are afraid to speak

Who can share the anger with humility

But the lifeless ‘Statue of Liberty’?


Knowing that it is not the right time

One can be booked for any act of crime

But still, to voice injustice with serenity

One way is to climb the ‘Statue of Liberty’


Even if authorities slap a prison sentence

Without any remorse or repentance

Bravo! Okoumou! Kudos for your brevity

In standing tall like the ‘Statue of Liberty’!






Young Environmentalists



(Teen Climate Activist to Sen. Dianne Feinstein : We Need the Green New Deal to Prevent the Apocalypse)



Senator! You are not sensitive

Nor are you speculative

About the future damage

By your flawed policies of climate change


You may dismiss us small children active

Who are powerless, innocent but provocative

But we too can mobilize and compel

You to protect us from chaotic climate hell


We are more worried and concerned

Because we are the ones who are affected

We are the responsible future generation

Who can strive to make Earth worthy of human habitation






Sheshu Babu

The writer from anywhere and everywhere is interested in the betterment of the whole world. Whenever the writer ponders on the question ‘who am I?’ He finds response from Bhupen Hazarika lyric (Bengali),’Ami ek Jajabor’ (I am a gypsy). 

Some works have appeared in Countercurrents.org, Dissidentvoice.org, Counterview.org, counterview.net, Velivada.com, etc.

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