Not beset by dearth of resources if we remain united for affluence

March 12, 2019 Africa , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS

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Alem Hailu G/Kristos



A land of bounty and plenty as citizens cherish to call Ethiopia, the country blessed with abundant water resources, ample arable land, untapped minerals, numerous tourist spots and young taskforces, among others.


Ethiopia is also home to over 80 ethnic groups well-marked for astounding time-old harmony. Hence, the country could not be beset by dearth of resources that of course presuppose efficient and effective management. It is this internal harmony even in times of danger that helped Ethiopians chase out invaders, hankering to siphon the aforementioned resources, with their tails tucked between their legs.


If the country succeeds in ensuring across-the-board or even development, the glaring and acid-tested chemistry of citizens will keep on going. Slowly but surely, when affluence in Ethiopia sees the day’s light, chasms being born out of grudges revolving around advantages that accrue from nation’s growth will narrow down preempting possible to-dos.


True to Africa’s peace concept, which stands peculiar to the westerners, peace is not only the absence of violence but also the presence of harmony, fraternity and considerateness. When we come to Africa, collectivism outweighs individualism.


As observed in present day Ethiopia, eroding the sentiment of one, some politicians are seen blowing things out of proportion and creating fracases with the objective of having a tight grip on power, which could afford them a chance to mercilessly and unaccountably leech the country. The loan such leeches take to line up their pocket further pushes a developing nation like Ethiopia into economic quagmire; they use divisive wedges to weaken the philosophy of accretion.


It is with the intention of summoning back this once entrenched feeling of oneness and considerateness the government brought into play the Lucy for Peace and Love Tour. After concluding its tour in Afar, JigJiga, Harar now Lucy is in Dire Dewa for a five day stay. Lucy’s remains, which showcases Ethiopia’s being a cradle of mankind and all ethnic groups under the country’s sky, could be traced back to the same great grandma could help to reignite the feeling of unity. It could also help to cement people-to-people ties. It could help undo antipathy.


As it is to be recalled it was joining hands and hearts Ethiopians started a developmental thrust towards the country’s renaissance. Setting aside differences, citizens have to roll up their sleeves for further pushes. As the task presupposes an all-out effort, Ethiopians must not expect the government to handle things single handed.


As the adage runs, the child is the father of the man imbuing youngsters with national feeling, and Ethiopianism could go a long way in coming up with generations that throw their full weight behind the nation’s development giving quarters that sow a seed of discord a total dead face.


In resolving conflicts we Ethiopians, like our African brothers, must lean on our home grown traditions of burying the hatchet. Here it suffices to mention the Gada System.


The birth of the Ministry of Peace (MOA) by the reformed government is believed to play a decisive role.





Alem Hailu G/Kristos

A published poet, novelist, editor, translator of masterpieces, literary critic, playwright and journalist from Ethiopia. M.A holder in literature, Addis Ababa University.

Looking for a traditional publisher of a collection of poems. My novel: ‘Hope from the debris of hopelessness’.

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