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Prarthana Mahato







You and I

You are the Man, I am the Woman

At the end we both are humans.

We laugh, cry, hurt and hide.

You and I live our lives.

Between you and I, stands a mob with prying eyes,

Separating us with knives, guns, prejudice, and dictates.

Between You and I lies a huge divide

Of Feminism, Masochism, Chauvinism, Egalitarianism;

Not to mention Fascism and Jingoism, barricading our meeting.

You and I, both bleed blood with beeping hearts:

However, I bleed a little more than you each month.

You and I yearn to live, laugh and love;

You and I want to soar away from all the barriers and divides.






The Womb and Tomb



I was born in the darkest of lawn;

A dot I was shaped into;

Without any specific form.

Pinched into a uterus

I don’t remember how I was formed just sudden;

No birth date I had;

But soon I died in an anonymous norm.

The womb became my tomb,

My bed of life and death became the same analogous song.

For I do not know how and why was I born,

Neither do I know why my dead cells were siphoned and flushed away;

In a sterile and comatose state.

It was prophesized that I have double chromosome X and, not a Y and X

The excess X became the deciding factor if I should take breath

My birth, my life, my death took place in the same place.

Full circle it has come;

For the womb that gave me life,

Became my tomb in the snuff of just 2-3 breaths.





Prarthana Mahato

Prarthana Mahato is a newbie in the world of writing. Having completed Master’s in Media, she is still trying to find her feet in the big, real world. At present, she is working as a copywriter in an advertising agency in Kolkata. When not scribbling words on paper, she is either munching chocolate or planning her next beauty sleep. She hopes one day, she saves enough to watch the beautiful Hawaiian sunset!

For more of her poems, follow her blog: https://whisperedlines.wordpress.com. She will be glad to hear from you at: [email protected]

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  1. I.B. Rad March 18, at 11:26

    Two sensitively written poems that deserve a fair amount of notice.


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