Terrorism at its worst

March 19, 2019 Australia , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS

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Sami Jamil Jadallah



White Nationalism, Jewish Nationalism and Islamic Sectarianism; Terrorism at its worst.


I must start this short essay extending my thanks to the people, government, certainly the Prime Minister of New Zealand for the courage, grace and compassion they have shown during this tragedy and act of terrorism. The world has a lesson to learn from New Zealand.


White Nationalists are angry because they feel they are losing political and economic powers, a rapidly changing national and international economy that is leaving tens of millions of White people with modest educations behind. They are lamenting the loss of a political dominance that saw slavery, colonialism and mass murders as the trademark of their tenure in power.


Certainly, these White Nationalists are not the ones that ushered in the industrial revolution, nor are they the ones that brought automation, higher education, science and technology, aviation, space science and are certainly not the ones that made advances in medical and pharmaceutical research. They did not make any meaningful contribution to the world, sore losers.


However sad, the terrorist attacks on the mosque in Christchurch must now allow us to forget the many terrorist attacks that took place on places of worship not only in New Zealand, Occupied Palestine, USA, England, certainly the many terrorists attacks that took place on places of worship in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and in Afghanistan.


There are too many terrorist attacks that took place against places of worship and ironically most such attacks were on Shia mosques in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Afghanistan, fuelled not by White Nationalism and racist Zionism but by volatile Islamic sectarianism that is alive and well, killing and murdering people almost every day.


We must remember and never forget the terrorist attack on Muslim worshipers in the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron, Occupied Palestine leaving 29 dead and 125 wounded by an American-Israeli Rabbi Baruch Goldstein driven by racial and religiously motivated Zionist Jewish Nationalist’s ideology that has roots in Eastern Europe as a colonial settler ethnic cleansing ideology.


Ethnically and religiously (anti-semitic) motivated ideology of White Nationalism is behind the attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh on October 27, 2018 by White Nationalists Robert Bowers that left 11 people dead.


The terrorist attack by the Australian Brenton Harrison Tarrant leaving 50 dead and more than 30 wounded should not come as a surprise giving the rise of Islamophobia among Australian political leaders as they draw closer to an alliance with Zionist Islamophobist’s Israel.


However, the big issue for Muslims is how to manage and control the rise of sectarian conflicts among Sunnis and Shiites that have seen hundreds dead in mosques, sectarian conflicts fueled by leading Sunni and Shiite religious and political leaders trying to revive and keep alive a family conflict that began some 1,400 years ago.


True we do not expect world leaders to travel to New Zealand soon to show their solidarity with New Zealand and express their indignation of the rise of White Nationalism and Islamophobia as they rushed to Paris to show solidarity for the murder of 11 journalists at Charlie Hebdo by “Islamist terrorists” because the world was expected to condemn Islamic terrorism, but not the terrorism of White Nationalists and Islamophobists or the daily terrorism perpetuated against the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza by Zionist Jewish Nationalism.






Sami Jamil Jadallah

Sami Jamil Jadallah is a US citizen, an immigrant from Palestine with over 35 years of international legal and business experience in the US, Middle East, Europe and North Africa. He is a Veteran of the US Army and holds a BA degree in political science and economics, a master degree in public and environmental affairs and doctor of jurisprudence from Indiana University.

Active in international and local affairs, Sami is a co-drafter of the Preamble for the Constitution of the One State for All of its People in Palestine and is active in veteran’s affairs in support of their re-integration in American society. He lectures and writes on a variety of topics including terrorism, social, economic and political issues related to the US and the Middle East.

Sami believes that education is the only way to transform the Middle East into a peaceful productive region and calls on all foreign troops to get out of the Middle East, leaving the people to shape their own destiny. Sami is in semi-retirement but fully engaged in voluntary work and engaged in the peace movement in the Middle East.

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