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Uiba Mangang




An Orphan of a Pair of Living Parents



A baby girl, born and bid bye by her Ba

Her sacred soul is soiled with sin and sadness,

Her heart is hustled hurtling into the hell,

Swept and shattered by stress and storm

Tempted by treacherous timing of teenage

Tormented with torrents of tawdry tortures

In her spring by seclusion in solitude.


She is a hollow host of her homeless house,

A lonely logy lass in an unlit lab,

An abdomen – an ever empty abyss:

Denied, ignored and betrayed by hope and health,

Who’s hovering here and there for few favours,

In quest of nothingness except to console

Her shameless, sinful stomach for some seconds,

Standing before the kitchens by their thresholds

Of those obscured relatives, with hungry eyes

Staring at the chewing wet lips of her age,

Bearing their taunting voiceless shrewd shooing sounds,

And the strangers and cold commands in their eyes,

Like a lightening thunder flash that poured upon

Her soft battered brain in quivering fever.


With a mute thunderous melancholic strain

Murmuring, mourning and wandering thus

In the midst of no way at the vast valleys

In the search of nothingness in emptiness,

Since her Ba ran away into underground,

Her Ma, being her mentality raped in blues

Under third degree treatment on suspicion,

Raving and ranting in wild, left her alone,

Being her limbs dragged to that abandoned hospice!


Now she’s in tryst with a deaf dumb destiny,

This destitute child’s still calling them aloud

Smacking down the white earth in wild despair – “Ma, Ba..!?”

Stretching her limbs out up into the sky – “Ma, Ba…!?”


It’s what tears mean to those who’re seeking its meaning,

If not, they mustn’t have known it nor will ever.

Rise dear siblings of the world for such thousands,

Present them their exploited rights and leeways back.

Pluck and perish those culprits that cause them be so.

And this is my tears on a destitute orphan.






My Love for War and Peace



With all my heart and soul

I do love war

That preserves peace and rich.

Fully and firmly

I do hate peace

That provokes waste and war.


I do strongly stand sternly

For the Revolution

That builds on Humanity.

I do detest humanity utmost,

That supports supremacy and suppression.


I do dearly treat politics

That surely sustains solid souls.

I do deeply dislike those ethics

That oppress and abuse all beings.


Pray thee, war mongers :

Arm for the earth’s sake.

Request thee, power hungers

Disarm for the divine’s sake.






Uiba Mangang

I was born on the 9th September, 1973 (biological) in Charangpat Village of Thoubal District in Manipur. I’ve got teaching experience of more than 19 years in High and Higher Secondary Schools in and outside our state. I have written more than 100 (hundred poems) in Meeteilon/Meiteilon (Manipuri language, more than sixty-seventy poems in English, a few short stories and short plays (one had been played) and more than 200 (two hundred songs) which have all not yet been publicised in any form. I used to be a theatre artist and dramatist under EMMA Theatre, Manipur. Writing is my passion particularly poetry writing. Now I am living by hand to mouth in the struggle of life.

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