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Norberto Franco Cisneros




Robert Mueller, Now You’ve Done It



Robert Mueller what have you done?

You have released a wealthy (allegedly) con man (allegedly)

Whose children and seemingly guilty cohorts close to him

skated free from accountability and indictment


There are others who could have provided proof

Like Stone, Jared Kushner and his wife, Ivanka

But our vaunted truth warrior quietly logged out, tail between his legs,

Leaving with only cursory questioning of interested parties to collusion


The Republican cadres of this administration tout they are exonerated

By a Republican Special Counsel of a fake Republican president

That is not the truth of the “no collusion” decision made

Investigations continue and no one knows the final outcome


My kingdom for an honest Republican

Is there one available in this country?

Was there ever a Republican who had a conscience

And not a stick to and support your own kind mentality?

Mueller being a Republican gives us great pause today


We, the American citizens, put great trust in him

We were told he had impeccable credentials and integrity

But we weren’t privy to his mind and loyalties

And we know that weak minds make up Republicans


Like lemmings they follow the teat of the orange chubby man

Does anyone really trust Republicans?

Many of us never will but Republican representatives could help themselves

By losing the yellow streak down their backs to protect their country


But who knows when or if they will ever lose their moral turpitude

They made such a fuss about Hillary’s e-mails but the Trump kids are doing the same

The brightest lights in the White House they are not

And Jared reading classified material without a security clearance

Until Daddy Trump got him one despite his advisors advice; bad move!


With all the criminal investigations pointing to ‘collusion’ with Russia

Self-importance and arrogance being this gang’s most obvious bent

Using the United States as their playground, America as their checkbook,

And the world a place to enhance their bank accounts even if they collude with the enemy


Like Cohen warned, the hothead is not going away easily or quietly

He will prove to be the most unruly, impetuous and stubborn

72 year old child ever to rule in the White House


Can anyone imagine the chaos when he has to leave?

What a fake scandal he will inflict on the nation

And we know he doesn’t care

When he forces a violent takeover of our country,

His true colors will stain our flag forever


There will have to be an understanding

He is the boss and it’s his way or the highway

Congress will follow his commands,

He will practice his kind of Democracy his way

No questions, no opposition only do what he says


If not, there will be hell to pay

He doesn’t like dissension only compliance

Those that get along will be nicely rewarded

The others who resist will be dealt with harshly


There may also be a thinning of the herd

among the Democratic Congress

One must keep in mind that this guy in the White House

Considers himself a Mafia Boss and as boss and president

He is above the law and can do what he wants, when he wants


The game he plays is a rich man’s game

He and his ilk are lifetime members and no one else is allowed

The rest of us are not invited

This is a whites only party


America, take note, whoever wins this fight

Will rule the roost from now until who knows when

We may have our first dictator stirring in our midst

Are you ready for the beginning of the new 4th Reich?


Me, I’m going to Canada.






Norberto Franco Cisneros

My poems have been published in the following publications: Indiana University Journal Chiricu; Avocet Review (Avocet Press); Snow Jewel (Grey Sparrow Press); Ilumen (Mouthfeel Press/ Sam’s Dot Publishing) and several others, including e-zines, Black Petals, Ruhatish and have been a Featured Poet in Poetry Soup

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