March 29, 2019 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Andrea Brozek




Trumpty Dumpty



Trumpty Dumpty wanted a wall,

But he didn’t know how he could pay for it all.

He thought his pal, Vladdy, might float him a loan,

But the thought of the interest made poor Trumpty groan!


Then he thought, I won’t pay it, as I sometimes do,

Even though Vladimir surely would sue.

That didn’t disturb him, it failed to subdue…

He’d simply ignore bills, as some bad eggs do!


Unfortunately, his reputation was known;

No  men could he hired. Must he build it alone?

He gave this some thought for a minute or three,

Then decided, “Oh, screw it! I’ll go watch TV.”


He went back to his bed, where he raptly attends

The sycophant ramblings of Fox and Friends.






Andrea Brozek

I have been writing for as long as I can remember. I am 66, so that’s quite a while. I am the mother of 2 middle-aged ‘kids’, and grandmother to three preteens. I have lived in 5 states, but began here in CT, where I am living now, with my second husband.

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  1. Jeff hall July 10, at 23:41

    I would like to correspond with you about your YouTube writings on John Lennon


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