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Uzomah Ugwu




Mama said



Mama said they might come

And said not to be afraid and to stay

As one, be brave


They took a family tree, my tree and separated

Its branches in different detentions in oppressed directions


Mama said do not scream

She would look for me and see me

And then we would be free


Free to run with my brothers and

Hide again under our covers

During storms

Laugh with friends

And be a kid again and

Forever young as long as we could


But they came with such force

I grew into an adult

Left alone with no sight

Of my mother

I screamed mama which she did tell me don’t

But mama did not hear me

I did not even see her ghost






Kiss of a black widow



Kiss of a black widow

Careful how you lay on

that pillow

Watch the lines you draw for they

Outline the relationships you create

Or divide or even strain

Lips sealed

Concealed truths need

To be revealed

When you wall street traders

Create portfolios,

that is how you bait them

Bring them in and break cultures

You stock and bonding vultures that

Old tales

Of oil spills

Bring out a new struggle

Of a present problem

That we all claim we never knew

While ironically at the pumps

every other afternoon

When these village children grow

Up damaged and deformed

Because you want to get

To Eleven Madison Park

faster and cheaper

Than rebuild their villages or

even build them a new school

You are a capitalistic feature I do not

Want to see at the movie theaters

Who is your creator

What is the real so called danger?

when it is The outside that

is their worst ally.

really just a financial traitor,

stock trader investor working

with new named dictators

For the best interest of who?

Your pockets. No one is fooled

You’re more crooked than uncle Scrooge






Uzomah Ugwu

I  am an emerging poet and writer that still hand writes everything including prose and essays. I am a political, social and cultural activist. My focus is on human rights, mental health, animal rights and rights of LBGTQ persons.

My work has been featured in Prelude Magazine, and Wild Word and is forthcoming in the Angel City review and Voice of Eve.  I am the Contributing/Poetry Editor for A Tired Heroine magazine.  

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