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Thriveni C Mysore




My Hated Silence



Forcing myself to live

content without a decent


is itself an impossible task –

I didn’t flinch. I won’t.


A passionate couple

Fire-Air, waltzed through

11 thousand acres of my forest,

trampling on lives small & big –

I didn’t cry. I won’t.


After HER party, I

went to see the charred

landscape, my heart thumped

wild, could feel soul in throat –

I didn’t, I won’t


stop my proud heart – I

let her to feel, I knelt

to beat coal-black ground, I

thumped my chest,  flayed my

hands to the sky, I howled,


Roared, wailed, cried

I clenched my fist,

boxed at guiltless air, I

called his partner names –

I sobbed back to silence.


My impotent-proud silence,

My hated silence.





Forest Fire



Squealing, whimpering, shrieking to Air,

Fire rolled Upwards, spreading grey-

void all along the once varied green

forest ground, charring everything

solid that came Her way to papery-ash.


As grey-ash rushed heavenwards

carrying lightened souls, the wood

cried, `No, no no…innocent lives’ and

burst to orange flame afresh

snapping, popping, crackling sad.


Morning-after, guiltless Sun

stared down at burnt snakes,

birds, foxes, hyenas, monkeys,

deer, decades old trees, heap of

mosquito-coils and match-sticks.


Enormous stock of lives of

Bandipur forest, stretched tight

to rest, with no shade, no need of

pyre-urn-marking stone-to ever

celebrate their after-life.




Based on: https://bangaloremirror.indiatimes.com/bangalore/others/blaze-devoured-over-10000-acres-of-the-bandipur-forest-says-isro/articleshow/68175822.cms?utm_source=Articleshow&utm_medium=Organic&utm_campaign=Related_Stories






Thriveni C Mysore

Thriveni C Mysore is a science teacher from Karnataka, India. She is locally acknowledged for her writings on Philosophy and Education in regional language. She loves naturewriting and ecopoetry.

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