America, Russia and Caribbean Politics

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Although located on the Central and South American mainland, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Costa Rica, French Guiana and Colombia are formally regarded as part of the Caribbean region or CARICOM. As Venezuela’s social fabric implodes, two global superpowers circle their wagons around lucrative industrial perspectives.


Updated regional intelligence data placed approximately one hundred Russian “Specialists for Military Cooperation” in Caracas to reinforce the Venezuelan president’s national security initiatives. America has supported the opposition with diplomatic manoeuvres and threats of regime change. The US president warned “all options are open.”


As one defensive countermeasure resident Russian military technocrats have assisted Venezuelan colleagues to ready the national S-300 Surface-to-Air defence missile system. Russian military staffers have been visible in Venezuela since December 2018 when combined Russian/Venezuelan Air Force drills were conducted over the Caribbean, neighboring right-wing states Colombia and Brazil invited by American political powerbrokers to join their anti Venezuela campaign. An unspecified number of US military instructors are deployed to Colombia’s border with Venezuela.


Reports noted the connecting road between Urena town in Venezuela and Cucuta in Colombia was blocked by freight containers and a tanker. Twenty heavily armed Venezuelan National Guardsmen reinforce the blockade. America has a track record of interventions against Caribbean left-wing forces. Interests in Venezuela’s current internal affairs parallel the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. Cuba is located just ninety miles from the US mainland. American involvement also mirrors preliminaries to the 1983 Grenada Urgent Fury operation.





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