April 5, 2019 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Sheshu Babu




Strong Foot



Lori Lightfoot for being voted Chicago Mayor



Even if opponents are strong

And assert themselves as right

And always show others as wrong,

They can’t achieve victory outright


A brave African -American woman, gay

Putting all speculations at bay

Proved that nothing is above sincerity

And hard work to uplift humanity


Breaking all traditions at one go,

She’s now the Mayor of Chicago

Reflecting the power of the people

Who helped her climb the political steeple


With determination, her strong foot

Will stand up to any political hoot

And respond sternly to the threats

From racist supremacists and their pets






Sheshu Babu

The writer from anywhere and everywhere is interested in the betterment of the whole world. Whenever the writer ponders on the question ‘who am I?’ He finds response from Bhupen Hazarika lyric (Bengali),’Ami ek Jajabor’ (I am a gypsy). 

Some works have appeared in Countercurrents.org, Dissidentvoice.org, Counterview.org, counterview.net, Velivada.com, etc.

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