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Antonella Corradetti




The Witch



Inspired by Zura Karuhimbi



I saw the darkness in a man’s heart

my eyes witnessed violence, hate in machete blows.

Hutus and Tutsis

same flesh, turning against each other.

I gave hope where there was none,

fear soaked faces, who was going to be next?

I stood still and firm against menacing threats,

death sat next to me and watched.


People called me a witch,

my only weapon was calling the spirits and shaking my bracelets

Tutsi rebels feared my cursed magical spells.

I put my life on the line to save lives.

I lost my own blood to genocide,

I learned the value of people,

I saw the violence in them, corpses mutilated.

I am dead now and I hope my actions would one day reflect on the world.

Repeat history no more.






Love Trap



Beat up by the hands of love,

a stolen life turned hell,

the impossible was laid at your feet.

Servant to your temper,

your rage, unstoppable,

a mind sunk into furious madness.

Wore a coat of normality,

my scars hidden, fearful silence,

emotions crawled on in thin air.

A man’s story, the abuser I was not,

a victim, a property in my own house.

Isolated and tortured,

my life was not mine to live,

your controlling mind, frenzy attacks bent my will,

I felt human no more.

Worth a smack on my face,

vicious thirst took pleasure in my sufferings.

My silence broke out,

a confession saved my life,

I survived a sick love,

I survived you,

I think of you no more, darling

no more.






Antonella Corradetti

I am Italian and have been living in London for the past 16 years. I started writing poems as a therapeutic tool and to improve my English skills. 
Poetry has offered me the opportunity to meet people as well as to explore a variety of subjects from love, relationships, friendship, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and so forth. I also write from my personal experiences as woman and in so doing there is no way to hide!
My favourite poets are Walt Whitman, Sylvia Plath and Edna St Vincent Millay. During my spare time, I read, write and draw.

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  1. Antony April 13, at 19:00

    Thank you Mariangela. Poetry moves conscience and hearts and conveys social, political and human related issues


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