April 11, 2019 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Umar Yogiza Jr.




hike across the atlantic



scarlet lips


hidden woes with solitary plans

cracked opened by a kiss


pains hidden in desires

finds their way home

plodded through mediterranean joy

which also means grief


sun by their sorrows and pains

bickering souls


swallowed by the violence

that may put food on their table



cried for the scarbeam

that lights their dying dreams

that no conscience want to light






unimprovable progression





a deserted street in my heart

opened a narrow pathway

thorned by arrows of indecisions

dreams sauntered silently

avoiding a taxicab of reality


heart of unanswered prayers

shattered like irreparable glass

cloudy street unsafe

silence, silence, silence

the guilts worshiped fears


i see nobody but arrows

of celestial indecisions

stagnant like abandoned flood water


i, a worshipper of broken thorns

refused admission






broken and seduced

scorched by debauched past

who reshaped us into the concrete walls

that hold us prisoner


the silent jailhouse

factory of broken dreams

called patriotism

home that seized our heaven bound prayers

hear me cry


the scars i called a country

contoured me

into unimprovable progression

flower of pains

plethora of buried darkness

red rose of blood ferry out

through unmerciful mediterranean


different generation same thieves

different election same thieves


values broken

hope throttled into paradise of fear

we are rendered thirsty

broken and seduced

for a bloody combat


forced to called our scars dimple

a keeper of our pains

hear me, a parrot of ink






Umar Yogiza Jr.

Umar Yogiza Jr. is a writer, poet and engineer based in Abuja, Nigeria. No. 47, Amure Omanza Street, Ladoke Akintola Boulevard, Garki II, Abuja. He is the author of Instrument of Immortality and Singing In A Bonfire. His works have appeared in anthologies, journals and online platforms.

twitter: @Yogizajr 
Facebook: Umar Yogiza Jr.
Instagram: Umar Yogiza Jr.

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  1. Iinda June 28, at 09:02

    Poem of the soul, this is the first time that poetry makes meaning to me.

  2. Martin Ijir April 29, at 12:10

    this is the kind of poetry that elevate ones spirit is down. Thank you Tuck Magazine.

  3. samuel April 26, at 11:43

    this poem entered me like darkness, it's as if the poet is talking to me.


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