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Kathakali Das Bhaumik




Changing Times



They say times have changed

yes they have, for all and any.

I can walk out of my closet now,

I am free to use my mind and hands.

I can think and respond, they acknowledge it;

freedom of speech and action is for me too.


I can love and I can hate,

my child can be mine too, just mine.

I am my own man now

and I stand in the same queue

just a little detached and a bit reluctant.


My body is open under the sun,

and my will on a run for presumption.

I am available and visible now!

Scratches, gropings, scars

everything is usual now.


Strewn cloth and bruised face,

blood dripping from thigh down

a living corpse, yet an eye candy.

I lay awake and listen to the distant hum

of the nakedness of my character,

debauchery of the attitude I carry,

the malevolence towards the tradition.

Yet, I am free now and a part of the changing times.






Kathakali Das Bhaumik

I am Kathakali Das Bhaumik, a freelance contributor and I live in Bangalore, India. This is my first attempt at poetry. I started my career as a correspondent of a national daily – Times of India, but changed shortly and ventured into the fields of copy writing and content writing. I moved out of the country for some years to live in Los Angeles though currently live in Bangalore with my family. After coming back to India, I resumed writing and working as a freelancer. Social issues and lesser known places of historic importance interest me.

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