Boundaries of blood

April 15, 2019 Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , Pakistan

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Nasir Soomro



Humanity is somehow lost when it comes to raging and ruthless wars. Lately, an octogenarian Pakistani fisherman, Noor-ul-Ameen, whose remains were handed over at the Wagah border in Lahore after his assassination in an Indian jail, as he mistakenly crossed the Indian waters during a fishing expedition two years ago, his body shockingly was missing both his eyes, his skull cracked open with the brain gone, his kidneys also gouged out.


His family lost a breadwinner, but he may be considered collateral damage for countless many. How much blood of the innocent will continue to be shed on these boundaries of blood?


Ironically, victims are always innocent of these needless wars.





Nasir Soomro

Nasir Soomro is from Pakistan, he is working with the Energy Department, at the Government of Sindh, Pakistan. He is author of the book, ‘Peaks and Perils of Life’ (English Poetry) and is currently working on his semi-autobiographical novel in English.

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