April 16, 2019 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Godwin Nnamdi Aleke




Stop This Bloodshed



Coming to the world we come to your house Nigeria

Choosing a home we choose North, East and West

But like animals you devour our flesh and used

Our blood to paint North, East and West

In brotherhood and love we come to make home country

But now Elders washing of hands is the blood of the innocent that cry.

Day after days, diurnal announce the shed of blood and

Cry stop this bloodshed.

All corners of country were painted by blood

Households became empty as the blood increased

And cry stop this bloodshed

Fruitful trees became fruitless and cried

Stop this bloodshed

Mountains pour out smoke in honour and

Cry stop this blood shed

Rivers overflow its bank and weep and

Said stop this blood shed

Solence array move in silence honour and

Cry stop this bloodshed

In seventy-four were line of hearse and

Grave wept and said stop this bloodshed

In sixty-six were the lined Southern North and

Women cry and said stop this bloodshed

Day and night fountain of tears increase

Reduction is Nation lives as bloodshed grow.

While increase is the Nation cows and grassy

During the creation, I quote the creator

Cows and grassy were made for our blood

But opposite is our country.

Oh! The blood of the innocent

Gathering of winds were the three that

Cry stop this bloodshed

Tag python dance is East wind

Useful idiots is west wind

And North wind were the crowned

And honour as Heroes of bloodshed.

Weeping at mountain top is my pen that

Plead to the crowning Heroes to stop this blood shed

Beside the rivers stand the breast that had non to feed

Under the shade of Oak tree gather the birds

To hear the voice of innocent

Waited in endless and unable to hear the voice of

The young made the birds to cry and said stop this bloodshed

In this day’s meeting attendance:

Injustice… present

Making people homeless…. present

Violation of human rights …present

Shedding of innocent blood …present

Protection of cows against human right .present

Justice to human right ….absent

In all this, rivers that flow in honour of North wind

Had taken the keys of justice

Darkness Lum, justice and human rights cry in prison

And my pen voice out to the world and said stop this bloodshed






Godwin Nnamdi Aleke

Historian, Poet, Novelist, and Essayist. Studied history and international studie at University of Nigeria Nsukka. 

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  1. Anselm Chigozie February 14, at 22:31

    Beautiful lines full of passion and weeping against blood. Justice is indeed in prison but with courageous litigants like you, her release will surely be achieved. More ink to your pen.

  2. Godwin April 19, at 14:41

    It is time for all Nigerians to come out with one voice and say enough is enough for all this kills.

  3. Oguamanam April 18, at 16:02

    Our so called leaders are not good Readers. But more ridiculous is how the electorates still campaign and vote for the same handful of people killing the country. My brother you have done your part.

  4. Izunna Okafor April 17, at 23:37

    Consummately touched... This is really getting out of hand, and calls for urgent attention... Thank you brother

  5. Vincent de paul April 16, at 21:29

    What a wicked nation we are in,writer well understood may God help the nation keep it up


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