April 18, 2019 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION




Okoli Stephen Nonso




My Scars Are Not Dead



So many years have passed,

but my stomach still holds the past.

Yesterday is written all over me.

I carry it everywhere I go.


The wound I carry for years,

is so deep and fresh,

it hurts, though it doesn’t bleed.


Amorous men have made me dumb.

The dumbness has made me numb


I was scared to tell my tales.

I’ve endured since I was five.


I told him it hurts, he still tried it.

And I didn’t say no.

Not because I enjoyed it,

But saying no to elders is rude.


I didn’t tell Mom,

not because it was fun,

But I was just five and I was warned.


The pedophile took my worth, innocence

and my voice.

He even may come tomorrow for my kids.



Please give me a voice,

for as long as he lives,

My scars are not dead.






Okoli Stephen Nonso

Okoli Stephen Nonso was born in Zaria, Kaduna state, Nigeria. He is a writer and a poetpreneur. A number of his works has been published in some reputable blogs.

His poems come from the heart and a desire to share words of joy and happiness. He believes that poetry can be used as a tool to solving societal ills.

Editor review


  1. Kennedy April 21, at 16:52

    Your comment..Without doubt, your poem is streamlined to resolving societal ills... More grace Sir!!!

  2. Oil Paris April 20, at 15:54

    Nice one dear. Even our homes are no more safe for our children. For their places of security have grown serpentine heads. We all should stand up, expose and fight against this wicked.

  3. Remyline esther April 20, at 07:39

    U r just awesome bro! Keep spitting lines Keep spitting fire Keep spitting sanity To minds yet unsane

  4. Chris April 18, at 16:07

    Your theme of social and cultural dominance of the eldest over their children and relatives in African traditional society and its negative impact is emerging. But his death will never bring the end of the scars as the last line of the last stanza suggested.

  5. DeAchiever April 18, at 14:36

    This is just the essence of what poetry should do. It's wow! More ink bro!

  6. Emmanuel C April 18, at 13:24

    That's really touching and emotional.... If only justice was like the air we breath

  7. Akinyode Paul April 18, at 12:17

    Child raping and its effect on a growing child.........so touching

  8. Ch April 18, at 11:32

    That was so touching...*the cry of an innocent child*


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