April 19, 2019 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Zion Victor-Tade




Struggle Of Being A Baby



Many people believe babies have no worries

News flash

They do have worries

Gosh mum I ain’t eating

But mama does not get the message

Who is this uncle, I don’t like you,

Can’t you get that into your head?

But uncle does not understand

Is it by force to have my bath?

Sister I’m just a baby I don’t have to bath

It’s time to play but papa wants me to sleep

I’m not getting happy any longer about this

I wish they can hear my voice

Hear my thoughts

Feel my pains

But I have to wait a while to grow older






Zion Victor-Tade

I am Zion Victor-Tade, a newscaster, presenter and news editor. I love to write as the inspiration comes and most of all share my piece with people.  So I hope you love this one.

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