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Uiba Mangang




God Won’t Visit Here



Journalists – arrested, tortured, repressed

even killed in Syria for instance,

Just for reporting human rights abuses,

And, you expect me to paint a flower smiling,

with my pen without any much pain!?


Civilians – raided, suspected, arrested

beaten to death in Asia as an example,

over escapades of some criminals from the state.

And, you wish me to weave golden lines on a lover,

with my blunt needles without threads of mood!?


Our life is not the Titanic catastrophe:

I cannot sing and resign to death,

when our fellowmen are being oppressed.

I cannot pray and seek heavenly peace,

while brothers of the world are being killed.


We need peace in the world while on earth,

We need justice on earth not in heaven.

A lotus cannot be grown in a burning heart,

A dove can’t be seen flying over a baking brain.

Come on, join hands and rise for the oppressed,

Strive and struggle for the human rights declared,

To live in peace and harmony,

For god won’t visit here.







Uiba Mangang

I was born on the 9th September, 1973 (biological) in Charangpat Village of Thoubal District in Manipur. I’ve got teaching experience of more than 19 years in High and Higher Secondary Schools in and outside our state. I have written more than 100 (hundred poems) in Meeteilon/Meiteilon (Manipuri language, more than sixty-seventy poems in English, a few short stories and short plays (one had been played) and more than 200 (two hundred songs) which have all not yet been publicised in any form. I used to be a theatre artist and dramatist under EMMA Theatre, Manipur. Writing is my passion particularly poetry writing. Now I am living by hand to mouth in the struggle of life.

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